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                                                   “Life tests the big dreamers- the passionate revolutionaries.”

When you hear about a place, you have expectations, when you visit the place for the first time, you form impressions and when you live in and become a part of that place, you know the reality. I invite you all to the reality of which we are faithful followers as we believe that reality is not hard but beautiful if we are the builders and creators of that reality. There is no parenthood that does not love its own creation. What we have in our hands is a piece of inanimate rough rock and clod of soil but it holds our dream of a paradise and we chisel out with our tools of hard work, positive thinking and determination a place in the vastness of the sky, a structure that breathes of an art and a science at work, hand in hand, that has learnt through time tested experience never to move backwards. In the present scenario there is a cut throat competition; technology is the next big thing before us and we are bracing ourselves to the matrix age with complete conviction, yet I believe education means an everlasting process. Looking forward is where we reach endlessly in our endeavours. It is a reality that creation is an endless process & invites changes at every step and the only outcome is progression & growth that ripens into multidimensional & multicultural fruition. Yet it is not in the harvest alone that I invest. It is the farming that we work upon. It is the road from agriculture to culture that takes us ahead of ourselves. I believe success never letting the competition define you. Instead you have to define yourself based on a point of view you care deeply about. Finally, when you see the reality, you believe in it and depend upon it. It is your trust in us that justifies our trust in ourselves. 


Mrs. Sameeksha Sharma

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