Special Education  

Special Education 

Special Education is a medium that creates to the individual difference of children with special needs (CWSN).These children deserve to have equal rights like any other children when it comes to accessible and quantity education.We at DAV school (East of Loni Road) aims to promote sustainability for the generation by supporting education by for children with special needs. The School systematically plans and monitors accessible and inclusive education for these children.Inclusion refers to creating a special school environment where all students are truly Welcomed, valued respected for all of who they are regardless of differences.



A lab is that part of the educational body where the child is facilitated along with the teacher in guidance to practically experience those concepts that one learns in theory in the class-rooms. It gives the child an opportunity to satisfy its curiosity by questioning & experimentation and going deeper into a subject through research. To extend a helping hand to all the possibilities, the school provides different labs that include Science, Math, Multimedia & the Computer labs.

Science Laboratory

The school has a spacious and well equipped, computerized Science Lab with the gadgets to carry out practical’s and experiments in all capacities. The lab is well ventilated and all the safety measures are taken care of by installing fire extinguishers.
The Science Laboratory forms the soul of the study in the sciences. It is that nourishment to the in depth experience & understanding of the subject that gives completeness to the faculty. The students and teachers both daily conduct experiments to explore, observe, discover & even invent at their own levels.

Multimedia Lab

The Multimedia Lab caters to the needs of the learners to study, analyze and deduct about concerns & concepts practically using various devices, aids & materials. The lab facilitates group activities that support and encourage innovation & creativity. The laboratory aims at making the subject come more close to the lives of the learners by making the process of learning more interesting, motivating & participatory in nature.

Math Laboratory

The Mathematics Laboratory of the school is a place where learners can learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify mathematical facts and theorems through a variety of activities using different teaching aids. It provides greater scope for individual participation in the process of learning & becoming autonomous learner’s .along with providing scope for greater involvement of both the mind & the hand which facilitates cognition & enables the teacher to demonstrate and reinforce abstract mathematical ideas by using concrete objects and models.

Computer Laboratory

Motto: To discover, explore, create and learn.

With the need of the hour foremost in our minds, the Computer Department aims to provide platform to the learners from where they can satisfy their inquisitiveness related to the Information Technology world . Its main aim is to encourage the learners to come out of the cocoon of their thoughts and share and compete with the outside world. Our lab is well furnished & well equipped with all the modern infrastructure & software required to impart basic as well as advanced training in Computer Science applications, computer ethics & security. Project based learning & evaluation is emphasised.


Books are our guide , food for the mind and make our life colorful and full of knowledge. Our computerised library supports learning, teaching, consulting & research activities with the help of encyclopedias, dictionaries, Fiction. .It provides several foreign & Indian magazines in functional and related areas, audio and video CDs on various disciplines are available for use by both teachers and learners. Learners from different classes regularly visit the library according to their requirement. We have a provision for class library also.


Medical Facilities

The school has qualified nurse to meet any exigency during the school hours. A periodic check up is carried out for every learners and a record is maintained. Children are regularly made aware about the oral and personal hygiene and from time to time they are made aware about the communicable diseases and facilities of vaccinations by our resource persons and social awareness programmes.

Examination Room

The examination system in the school functions on a completely computerized mechanism for more precision and time management in working out the assessment & reporting of the learners with the help of examination software specially programmed for the purpose. To enable the examination system to work more smoothly and effectively there are two departments that work efficiently for the primary and senior sections of the school separately.

The Office

Office, operates on the computerized system including the fee collection counter where all records are maintained, stored and worked out on computers. The office facilitates our parents with on- line registration forms and admissions.

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