Science Laboratory  

Science Laboratories

The school has spacious, well equipped & Computerized Science labs with the gadgets to carry out practicals & experiments in all capacities. All the labs are well ventilated & all the safety measures are taken care of by installing fire extinguishers. Each lab is furnished with LCD facility.The Science laboratories form the soul of the study in the sciences. It is that nourishment to the in-depth experience & understanding of the subject that gives completeness to the faculty. The students and teachers both daily conduct experiments to explore, observe, discover & even invent at their own levels.

The Chemistry lab is located on the ground floor. It has ample capacity to enable at least 25-80 students at a time to make use of its facilities that are provided with ease & comfort. It is equipped with the latest gadgets useful in chemical exploration and research & all the chemicals needed by a student to allow him/her optimum scope to explore & experiment & learn by practical application. A lab assistant, well qualified, is there to look into the needs of the students & teachers and for the care of the lab. Various rexin charts on the basic elements & chemical as well as chemical reactions are displayed on the lab walls.

The physics lab is on the first floor & is equally well – equipped with all the latest requirements of the science inclined students, which any standard school may provide. At a time 25-30 students can engage in experiment. The biology lab is on the second floor, well equipped too with a projector & screen to create interest in the students to learn more about the internal, physical structures & anatomy of plants, animals, birds, insects & human beings & other living organize & microbes. Their their interest in gaining knowledge about all these creatures are enhanced when they observe them & their activities under microscope & through movies on them. There are about 20 number of microscopes to facilitate the students who love to work in groups too. Charts & specimens in glass-jars of various species of living beings are on view for the students. A Life-size skeleton is also on display.

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